Stop blaming immigrants

Dear All,

You will no doubt be aware of the Government’s appalling decision to cease funding the Mare Nostrum search and rescue operation. So far this year an estimated 2500 – 3000 migrants have died attempting tom cross the Mediterranean Sea to the EU, and this callous decision amounts to an effective death warrant, served on some of the most desperate and deprived people on earth.

We find this entirely unacceptable representing, as it does, a callous disregard for the right to life for migrants seeking to improve the lives of themselves and their families. T

This decision cannot stand.

At the TUC Congress earlier in October, Congress voted to formally support MAX (the Movement Against Xenophobia), this followed the decision of the Black Workers conference to do likewise. MAX is a coalition group of 108 civil society organisations and unions. It is focussed on promoting a more honest and respectful debate on immigration in the UK.

We request your urgent assistance in helping is publicise this action and demonstrating our outrage at the decision four Government,

To that end MAX are planning a protest Thursday 6pm, 5th November 2014, outside the Home Office, 2 Marsham St London SW1P 4DF.

We will need your maximum support, so bring your banners, whistles and more importantly mobilise your networks, to oppose and with your support force the immediate reversal of this horrendous and deeply inhumane decision.

In solidarity,

Lee Jasper
On Behalf of Movement Against Xenophobia

Lee Jasper
Co Chair

Gold stolen from our lands

This week saw the publication of the Queens Honour’s list conferring royal patronage on those deemed to have made positive contributions to British society. I am not a fan of such things generally; I believe a more meritocratic system of civic recognition should be introduced.

Among those recognised were a variety of Black Britons of African, Order of British Empire. Red for the blood of our people. Gold stolen from our lands. Caribbean or Asian descent who were awarded OBE’s MBE’s and more besides.

In response and in line with my own politics, I published a tweet expressing my own view that I think that for Black people to be given and award associated with British Empire is an insult

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We can make history together

Help me become the first black MP (Croydon North) to get elected outside of those in the Labour and Tory parties. We can make history together so please donate whatever you can enabling me to fight a grassroots peoples campaign. You can donate here…many thanks….Respect Party – Donations

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Successful Black Politicians come from a background of community activism

The Voice Newspaper Editorial on Obama: Page 12.

” …Black people support black politicians because they believe they are the ones who will be the best warriors in the fight against social and economic inequality.

Invariably the most successful black politicians come from a background of community activism and campaigning.

There is faith on the part of the voters that they intimately understand the issues and will speak up about them.

These democratically elected officials should always keep this fact clearly in mind, when as the political machinery they have to operate within, threatens to swamp their best efforts to represent constituents.

It is a similar situation here in the UK.

Too often those black candidates who are elected as MP’s are hampered in what they can say by the constraints of the parliamentary party system.

It may be that Lee Jaspers intention to stand in the forthcoming  Croydon North by election may provide a breath of fresh air.

Not only does he have a strong record as an anti racists and community activist, but as a member of the Respect Party, he is less likely to fall victim to the whims of party whips…”